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Why Go to Church?

Like in a relationship with my spouse, the bond is created with time spent in each other's presence and conversation. Without that time together, we begin to fill in the blanks with our own interpretations of their thoughts. Misunderstandings are created with assigning wrong motivations for certain acts. Our insecurities grow, especially when we feel less valuable because other priorities take precedent over our time. Accusations and Fear and then bitterness...seep in and cracks in the bond begin to shake the foundation of a marriage.

If you are not spending personal time with God, does that concern you? Or are you OK with it?

There are no boxes to check to Salvation. You don't have to read your Bible 20 minutes a day and pray before you go to bed, or attend a Church building service to fulfill your duties that stamps you as a Christian.

But, if you are not even doing those small practices, then are you sure you are?

This God thing is not a Cultural Expectation way of belief …