Defining Church

What is the Christian church?

Digging Deeper....from Melissa  Spoelstra

It is NOT:

  • The church is not a building
  • The church is not an event
  • The church is not a business

Marks of a Church

Community expressions of worship
Preaching and Teaching of the Word of God
Biblical Leadership
Practice of Sacraments/ordinances
An accountable Community
Discipleship processes to help people mature in faith
A gospel mission to help others hear Gods message

From Rick Warren…Purpose Driven Life

Why do you need a church?

* A church identifies you as a genuine believer
* A church moves you out of self-centered isolation
* A church helps you develop Spiritual Muscle
* The Body of Christ needs you
* You will share in Christ’s mission in the world
* A church will help you from backsliding

The Church meets 5 needs:

1. A Purpose to live for
2. People to live with
3. Principles to live by
4. A Profession to live out
5. Power to live

God’s Purposes for the Church are Identical to Purpose for the Christian

1. Worship helps you Focus on God
2. Fellowship helps you Face life’s problems
3. Discipleship helps you Fortify your faith
4. Ministry helps you Find your talents
5. Evangelism helps you Fulfill your mission

A Christian life is a commitment to Christ AND to other Christians!

What is Fellowship?

God intends for us to experience life together….or fellowship.

What is God’s definition of fellowship?

Today it’s referred to as casual conversation, socializing, food and fun…or where you attend church…where do you fellowship?

It is experiencing life together which includes: unselfish loving, honest sharing, practical serving, sacrificial giving, sympathetic comforting, and all the Biblical commandments to one another…
Jesus ministered in the context of small group. Once a group gets too large, more than twelve then someone stops participating and others will dominate. Likewise, every Christian needs to be involved in a small group within their church. This is where real community takes place.

Real fellowship:

Mutuality (art of giving & receiving)

Different levels of fellowship:

Fellowship of sharing
Fellowship of studying Gods Word
Fellowship of suffering
Fellowship of serving


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