As a parent, we never feel like we have done the best we could have for our kids. Parent Guilt is a real thing.

Thankfully, there is a solution.

I have always prayed for my children. I have prayed when they are sick, when they are facing a problem, when I think about it and sometimes just is an endless stream of discussing my kids with God.

However, I have been a lazy prayer warrior when it comes to specifics. I claim the verse, Luke 12:12.

"The right words will be there. The Holy Spirit will give you the right words when the time comes."

I am told in the scriptures that the Spirit will know my needs before I pray but that doesn't mean that frees me up from spending time in prayer. Should we say, "Lord help my children you know their needs...see ya"

There is true power in prayer. Power that can be unleashed with our faith. Does God need our prayer? No. He wants our prayer.

He can accomplish anything...without our participation. However, we need to pray not only for our offspring, but for our own spiritual growth. A quick and easy prayer life can create a weak and flaky walk in your faith.

Your relationship with your God requires conversation, just like with your kids and spouse. Talking "AT" our kids doesn't work nor does it create a strong bond, so throwing a few words up in the air will not create a strong connection with Jesus. It takes effort, time, commitment and to do that we need prayer conversation. 

We all want a quick fix to every solution. 

Even in praying for our kids, however, it may take a lifetime of knee effort before we ever see any results. This can discourage any praying parent but if we are truly connecting with God then we will be the ones affected. In an effort to fix our kids we may end up fixing our own selves by growing in maturity spiritually. Our focus may have been to steer our kids but in spending true time in God's presence our ultimate achievement is one of peace, strength, and faith...and maybe even...patience.

But what if like many, you really do not know how to spend time praying. You run out of words quickly or you are not sure how to pray. Specifics make for a powerful prayer. 

The movie War Room was a huge hit and immediately Christians were clearing out closets, laundry rooms and creating their own war rooms for praying for their families.  If you notice in the movie, the actual room for the actors praying was covered with prayer requests, scriptures and even pictures of the ones they were praying for. We can learn alot from the strategy Miss Clara was teaching.

We are to train as soldiers in this war for our kids.

  • You can designate your space for prayers.
  • You can schedule your specific time to spend in prayer.
  • You can bring tools to assist you such as a Bible, notebook and pen, and even a few pictures of those smiling faces of the ones you need to pray for.

So.... how much do you want to chance your Kid's life, spiritual journey, and well being? Do you want to be the lazy prayer warrior? 

Why not challenge yourself that you will begin the process, to daily meet with God to pray for your kids.

What can I offer to help? 

I will post prayers collected from other Christian writers and myself to help you in specifics to pray over your kids.  I must give the most credit to Stormie Omartian's series of books focused on praying.  I will take some of her written prayers and add them here so that we all can speak them aloud, edit them for our own situation and pray in detail, specifically for areas in our children's lives that needs our focus.

Pick up her book, Power of a Praying Parent  for yourself for your own copy of some of these wonderfully worded prayers.

It has raised my prayer skills to a whole new level. 

No matter where you are in your parenting....from infants, to toddler, or whether your kids have not been thought of yet, or are adult size kids, you can benefit from speaking these prayers.


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