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Lisa Harper is a Hoot!

For all the ladies in Huntsville...On Feb 13, 2016
Lisa Harper will be at Willowbrook Church on Saturday morning. It's free!

If you have not had the pleasure of sitting through a Lisa Harper bible study, or have read one of her ten books, then you are missing out on blessings galore!!

Her southern voice and witty zingers will make you feel right at home...she is someone you just want to go have coffee with! Plus, her great knowledge of the Word as she teaches will inspire and ignite you as you grow.

Lisa's well written Bible Study, Hebrews was excellent. I highly recommend it for any women's groups to gather and study....

Presently, I am in her newest study, Believing Jesus: A Journey Through the Book of Acts.  The work of the Holy Spirit is studied as we dig deep into the first Christians.  We also get to hear more about Lisa's journey with her newly adopted daughter, Missy from Haiti.


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