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I'm Ok, I'll Probably Go to Heaven

Proverbs 14:12There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end leads to death. Death is coming to us all.

Are you afraid? Are you excited? Are you curious? Or, are you in denial.

Have you validated your ticket to Heaven?
Good people who go to church and have lived a decent life will assume they have earned their afterlife reservation to Heaven, but will discover the hard way that a Casual Christian mentality may have not been enough to confirm and purchase their way.
But I walked the aisle and said a prayer....
Have you ever been lost on an unfamiliar road? You assume you are on the right road, so you keep going farther and farther in the wrong direction. You are looking for road signs, but can’t find any. You keep onward, hoping you are on the right path. 
What if you are not? You will not make it to your destination. You remain lost.
Narrow is the road....
Think about all the people you came in contact with this week, cars that passed by with passengers, co-workers, grocery st…