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Precious Lord, Take My Hand

The list we near the end of the collection of Hymns that were written down for a service over 17 to 18 years ago by my deceased husband, we come to this title, "Precious Lord, Take My Hand." Like before, I will give you the lyrics but this time a little extra --the history of the song and the writer. Thomas Dorsey was the musician and writer who became known as the "Father of Gospel Music." As a very young man, he played the piano in Vaudeville acts and in jazz clubs until around 21 to 22 years old when he became a born-again Christian and turned from secular songs to a life in the ministry. Like Norman Rester, Dorsey grew as a songwriter and a music director as the years passed. Thomas Dorsey Sadly, tragedy struck, his wife died in childbirth along with their infant sending the man of music into deep grieving pain, crippling his ability to play or write. Later, sitting alone at a piano at a friends house, he found himself drawn, i