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Is there a cure for a Know-it-all?

Rom 1:22  “ They pretended to know it all , but were illiterate regarding life.” Have you ever met a “KNOW IT ALL?” If you are a Mom, you may have even given birth to one. Teens are gifted with this ability to know everything while acknowledging your lack of intellect. Although, when it comes to math homework, I became useless around 2 nd grade. As a former columnist, I would spout my trivial theories and knowledge of many different subjects because I had gathered information. Harvesting facts is different from mastering, but recycling information is how the world goes.  With my words, I could reflect a tone of superiority on subjects while having no clue of what I was talking about. What am I an expert on? Surviving parenting…marriage…widowhood….natural disasters and all with my sense of humor! An exaggerated misrepresentation can work on advice columns where I would assist you in buying a musical instrument, help you navigate the world of YouTube, or c