In the roll of Minister’s Wife

I also played the role of Maria in the
Sound of Music (onstage)

"Now playing the role of Minister’s Wife", should have been announced a few times in my life when I was an actual naive young girl trying to be what others wanted me to be.

In the church environment, there becomes a standard of how you are to walk and talk and even, dress.

At 18, I was a youth leader in my church which amazed me at the time that the church people would allow me to teach, but I was very committed and on fire for God so they did.

In that very monumental year of being 18, I fell in love, married and joined a touring Contemporary Christian singing group. Once back at home, after touring life, my husband settled into his career as a Minister of Music and Youth in the Southern Baptist church.

My roll of Minister’s wife began and I became so worried about what others thought, I lost my authentic self along the way. I misplaced who I was organically. Was it valuable? Did I minister? Yes. But, not being authentic with myself, with my co-Christians, and God…I could have been so much more.

It’s good to be sensitive to other’s opinions, especially in a church situation, but I smothered my personality and even dressed the part.

I saw the original fire fade and though I have many fond memories and experienced much spiritual growth through those years, it took me awhile before I realized that my overall priority was playing the role. That became my focus...

When you playact, you are hypocritical, two-faced and somewhat deceitful. You are disingenuous. You are not the whole functioning of what Christ wants. He needs the whole being, not partial commitment.

God doesn't want great actors, he wants great believers. Getting real with God is what we all should do. He knows we have warts, so discuss them, ask for help and quit trying to hide them.

Matthew 6:1 (the Message version) says, “Be especially careful when you are trying to be good so that you don’t make a performance out of it. It might be good theater, but the God who made you won’t be applauding.”

Just as you lead in your church, or perform a song, teach a class, we have to remind ourselves that God can use the worse examples of our talents to fulfill his will. Of course, do your best, but just do not pretend that it’s your skills and talent that will work the magic of Christ’s plan.

If you remember, it’s “Make a joyful noise….” Anything better than noise, is just for the other Christian’s enjoyment.

The sound we make is not what is crucial; it is the intent of our heart....why we sing? for what benefit do we sing, teach or lead? 

Do we play the role of Christian or do we live it? Whose applause is more important?

God bless and have an Awesome Day!


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