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1 john 4 : 20-21


In the roll of Minister’s Wife

I also played the role of Maria in the Sound of Music (onstage) " Now playing the role of Minister’s Wife" , should have been announced a few times in my life when I was an actual  naive  young girl trying to be what others wanted me to be. In the church environment, there becomes a standard of how you are to walk and talk and even, dress. At 18, I was a youth leader in my church which amazed me at the time that the church people would allow me to teach, but I was very committed and on fire for God so they did. In that very monumental year of being 18, I fell in love, married and joined a touring Contemporary Christian singing group. Once back at home, after touring life, my husband settled into his career as a Minister of Music and Youth in the Southern Baptist church. My roll of Minister’s wife began and I became so worried about what others thought, I lost my authentic self along the way. I misplaced who I was organically. Was it valuable? Did I mini