Forgive When You are Hurt


Pray4 Our Kids


Man is lonely


Remember by Lauren Daigle


You Say I am Loved

Lauren Daigle's lyrics....

When you are down, when you feel insecure, and when life is a struggle....the Scriptures tell us that God says that we are loved, we are enough, we do not fall short and that we belong.

We find ourselves in Christ.

Today, and really every day we need a reminder of this.

I cannot do this alone. I cannot measure up. I am nothing.

No Such Thing as Christian Music

The cool thing about the new technological world is that I can experience the past again…vividly on my giant screen in HD quality. 
I watched the original King Kong the other day in high definition, in its black and white glory. It was filmed in 1932!

Feeling nostalgic last night, I had a binge session of watching some of my old favorite Christian Music artists…starting with my utmost influencer, Amy Grant.

From Amy to Sandi Patti, PETRA, (the Greg X Voltz years), Keith Green to Steven Curtis Chapman…I reminisced back to a time in my life when music was a driving force.

Note, I love the new Christian tunes today and support the artists with my attendance every chance I get.
Why my newer favorite Christian artist - Phil Wickham a few weekends ago nearly hit me up side the face throwing me a chocolate candy bar. He even offered a Keurig cup of coffee.

But, history, the past, where I was formed in the 80s after a decade of secular music of…